Operating a Partnership Approach

We work with the Funder, and any other relevant Partners, at the outset to clarify the aims of the programme and any relevant factors that may support or hinder delivery of the programme. This establishes a benchmark which informs all elements of design and delivery of the programme. This partnership approach is maintained throughout the delivery process through to the conclusion of the programme.

Creating a Compliance Framework

We pride ourselves on operating a zero-clawback approach so all elements of compliance including subsidy control, client eligibility, project eligibility, claims evidence, output evidence and audit requirements are built into programmes from the outset edit elements for skills and enterprise.

Producing an Effective Programme Design

Programme success is driven by achieving an appropriate balance between the operational, compliance and ROI needs of the Funder and the accessibility of the programme offer to the target audience. Having successfully delivered over 90 contracts over the last 22 years, the NBSL team have the necessary experience to design programmes that achieve this balance.

Mobilising Programmes Prompt

We are aware of the delivery pressures Funders often face to achieve spend and output targets and are adept at getting programmes live in the market with the minimum of fuss.

Delivering an Effective Programme

We have an experienced team of compliance and advisory staff who pride themselves on making programmes work, both for the Funder and for the end beneficiary. Where blockages or issues are identified they are swiftly addressed and we operate a friendly but focused approach with clients. Our 97%+ Customer Satisfaction ratings across all programmes over the last 10 years is testament to this approach.

Providing Structured Performance Reports

Driven by the needs of the Funder NBSL provide regular updates on progress towards targets, financial performance, issues arising re demand or the programme offer and the outputs the programme is achieving edit elements for skills and enterprise

Encouraging Open Communication

As well as formal updates for the Funder we maintain regular informal contact to review eligibility queries, identify joint PR opportunities and provide case studies the Funder can use to promote their investment.

Delivering with Flexibility

Over the delivery period of any project it is likely that circumstances will change. Market conditions, business expectations and alternative support offers evolve, sometimes dramatically, over time. NBSL’s programme delivery through recession and economic shocks such as the Covid Pandemic illustrates that we have the skills sets and the experience to adapt programmes to navigate challenging situations.

Collecting Impact Evidence

Whatever the programme Impact requirements are (jobs, productivity, business growth, business starts, skills improvements etc) NBSL will continue to work with those supported to collect and report programme Impact long after the delivery phase is concluded.

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