Following on from the first article here are 5 more killer tips to ensure your Digital Marketing strategy remains relevant and delivers results:

6. Get Social

Social media is where your audience are likely to spend a lot of time and interact with many businesses. If it's not with your business, then it's likely it will be with your competition.

Social is also an increasingly important search engine ranking factor, so by not implementing an effective social media strategy, you risk not only missing out on talking to your target audience, but also a decline in your search rankings on Google.

A powerful and cost effective way to enhance your audience and amplify your message on social media is to use social ads, such as Facebook ads. These allow for powerful targeting of your target audience, and when combined with engaging content, can significantly enhance your audience and leads.

7. Add Rich Snippets To Google Search Results

Rich snippets in Google results, as shown above, stand out in search results, meaning users are more likely to click on them. This is an effective tactic to increase click through rates and drive more traffic to your website from Google.

The easiest ways to get a rich snippet into search results is to use video on your website through a professional video hosting service (learn more), or implement Google authorship (learn more).

8. Focus On High Quality Backlinks

Recent changes to Google has made it more important than ever to focus on getting high quality backlinks to your website. Without them, you're unlikely to rank highly on Google for your keywords.

Hopefully your content marketing efforts should be driving lots of natural links back to your website, but if you do still want to contribute to or get a backlink from a website, make sure it has a high domain authority or is somewhere where your target audience hang out online.

To check a website has a high domain authority, use open site explorer to check the website isn't considered as spammy by Google.

9. Implement Sign up forms On Your Website

On average, only 2 percent of web visitors convert on their first visit to a website. Or put another way, 98 percent of leads fail to convert from their first visit. In the past, marketers haven't known who these visitors are, so they become a missed opportunity, potentially gone forever.

Sign up forms help solve this problem. They allow marketers to capture the data of potential leads who visited their site but weren't ready there and then to purchase.

Marketers can then, through quality content, engage these people at a later date, keeping them top of mind for when they are ready to make a purchase.

10. Ad Retargeting

As we discussed above, only 2 percent of web visitors convert on their first visit to a website. As well as sign up forms on websites, marketers are also increasingly using ad retargeting to remind consumers of products or services they once viewed but did not purchase.

Ad retargeting works by using cookies to track the product or service website visitors view. Once they leave your site, they will be shown the product or services again via ads on other websites they visit.

This is a very effective way of boosting conversion rates by reminding customers of products and services they've shown interest in, but for whatever reason didn't at the time purchase.

Article by Jon Whiting of Three Motion.

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