As we continue to explore the reasons to the lack of traffic to your website from the search engines, it may be that - You are too worried about backlinks... This article is a transcript of some of the advice shared during a recent Search Engine Optimisation masterclass. Make sure to read and use the information from part 1 first.

Backlinks remain one of the most misunderstood and poorly explained element of search engine optimisation. We need to get the language right first so that we use time wisely.

I would like to suggest that we stop using the phrase 'search engine optimisation' and instead start using the phrase 'website content optimisation'.

The reason is simple. You are not looking for backlinks, you are looking for recommendations. In other words, you want other website managers to promote your website content to their own visitors.

You need a structure to your website content optimisation, I recommend focusing on 4 types of linking partners:

1. Business directories and listings.

Researching business directories and listings is relatively straight forward. Begin with a Google search and explore more niche listings used by your customers. Don't forget the obvious options such Google Maps, if you are not listed yet watch this video tutorial.

2. News and industry updates websites

You can also use your favourite search engines to find news and industry updates sites that would recommend your website content. In addition you can try the following tools:

3. free advice and resources portals

You need a different approach to find free advice and free resources sharing sites as they will expect a more personal relationship with you.

Begin by researching blogs used by your clients and is a good start.

Next find out about your clients' associations, trade bodies, conferences, etc. who will have a need for your useful online content. The best format is the Q&A or interview as demonstrated by this video from DocStoc TV 

Finally, consider creating your own platforms with services such as:


and many others to help you reach a wider audience with your visual content such as case studies, simple tutorials and how to... presentations.

4. Social networks and online communities

For the final group, social networks and online communities, you need to think about social network and not social media, although the popular brands such as Facebook and Twitter are very appealing, you will have more success interacting with a smaller group by being a 'big fish in a small pond'.

Start by researching local business clubs, trade associations, professional societies relevant to your audience who are active online.

Next, look for dedicated forums by simply entering the following search phrase on your favourite search engine:

  • (insert topic here) message board
  • (insert topic here) forum

You can look for industry specific group using the following search phrases:

  • keywords
  • keywords

Finally, do your research as to the most popular social media platform by using the following search phrase on your favourite search engine:

  • keywords
  • keywords
  • keywords

I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions please do get in touch!

In Part 3, we will explore the final reason your SEO may not be working:

You do not have a plan!

Article by Pascal Fintoni of Pascal Fintoni and Associates.

Contact 07801 729 741 or Find Pascal on G+.

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