One of the easiest and quickest ways to get more cash into your business is to get more sales from current and past clients, and people they know. However, if you're experiencing the problem of not enough clients willing to pay for what you offer then a different approach is necessary. Particularly if you're selling higher priced services, you need a way to turn sales conversations that end with "I'm interested but I can't afford it" or "I need to think about it" into "Sounds great, when can we start?"

And you need to tackle this quickly otherwise these kinds of conversations can lead to you devaluing what you offer, to lowering your prices and to doing 'frantic' marketing activity. Meaning you spend valuable time, effort and often money, on things that may not solve your problem, because you're tackling the effect rather than the cause of the problem, which is a lack of clarity.

And no amount of advertising, blogging, social media posts or whatever other 'marketing work' you do will get you clear – all it will get you is exhausted and frustrated. What will make your life easier is going back to basics, knowing what makes clients invest in the first place. Getting crystal clear on what will attract them to you, on what will make them buy from YOU rather than your competitors.

Here are 3 tips to help you attract and get more new clients right now:

1. Understand that clients invest in getting pressing problems solved

Get clear on the problems your ideal clients have and how what you deliver solves them. Remember that not all problems are created equal – choose the most pressing problems you can solve.

2. Understand that clients buy for their own reasons, not yours!

At the point of a buying decision it can be easy to talk about the process you take people through and why, but that's not putting yourself in the buyer's shoes. Take a moment to try their shoes on – they have needs, problems that they need solving, things that worry them, things that keep them awake at night. They're not interested in how you do what you do until they know that what you do will help them overcome specific issues they're experiencing every day.

3. Clearly communicate to your prospects how you solve their pressing problem.

Get their attention by showing you understand their problem. Demonstrate how and why the way you work will solve their problem. Show them the cost of not getting their problem solved. Make a specific offer and explain the results they can expect.

Following these tips, and making your buying and set up process easy, will put you in the best possible position to sell more and quickly, because you will be attracting clients to you, rather than chasing them for their business. This in turn will improve your cash-flow and make your marketing easier.

AND the added benefit is that you develop an effective sales process that works for everyone – for you, your clients, and your business.

Article by Julie Johnson of Julie Johnson Coaching.

Contact Julie on 0845 1662328.

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