With Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and now Twitter Ads, there are a lot of Social Media Advertising options to choose from – all with as many enticing benefits as the previous. We firmly believe in quality content creating quality customers, but sometimes it's ideal to reach out to potential leads in other ways. Social media advertising works well for this, particularly in time for 2015.


Over the last year or so, all of the advertising methods on these platforms have been overhauled, fine-tuned or re-launched.

Think about where you are with your social following. Do you want more followers, but to keep them quality, potential leads?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the major players, so we are going to focus on them.

Did you know... 92% of social media advertisers choose Facebook?

If you're not wholly convinced by advertising on social platforms, think of it this way:

Your content manager cannot be online 24/7. Adverts can be. Adverts use demographics and information that you tell them to target those that are relevant to your brand – you pick how to find those relevant people. A greater following builds a stronger reputation. A high quality following that engages with your brand builds a reputable company.

Social Media Advertising Platforms – The Benefits in 2015

If this doesn't quite tickle your taste buds just yet, here is our rundown of each of the major players and their excellent spin on social media:

Facebook: Starting with the most popular platform for advertising, Facebook has done masses of work when it comes to their advertising sub-platforms. With Power Editor, Promoted Posts, an improved Ads Manager and business pages themselves, they've put heaps of time into making this a great tool.

The one we love is Power Editor, designed to allow advertisers to segment and target messages more than ever before, as well as creating the much-gabbed-about Dark Posts tool.

LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Campaign Manager hasn't undergone any major updates of late, but it is an incredibly targetable tool, which marketers aren't making the most of. If you're looking for clicks to your website, this can rival Facebook's capabilities. Disagree? All of the workplace skills, defining professional information and industry facts can be found on every LinkedIn member's profile and the Campaign Manager uses this information brilliantly.

If you're segmenting by business profession or job seniority, you should be looking at LinkedIn.

Twitter: Twitter isn't used anywhere near as much as it should be. At least not when you consider that the majority of businesses who have a social presence are using Twitter and most of their audience is on there too, looking for answers to buying problems!

Our favourite Twitter advertising campaign tool is the Tailored Updates, which means that you can now segment audiences in the same way as Facebook and LinkedIn. There is also the capability of getting your Twitter ad to the top of the Tweets feed (particularly successful for mobile advertising) which is a great coup for any business!

Article by Rachel Townsend Green of Thrive Marketing Limited.

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