Talk to almost any business and they'll tell you that they’ve wasted time and money on advertising. Having a clever idea for a campaign is important, but knowing what, when and where to advertise the idea is even more crucial in today’s multi-channelled world we live in.

Ask anyone to determine what advertising or marketing is and they’ll come back with a different answer. For some it’s increasing sales through telemarketing, for others it’s raising awareness of their brand via the business press and for most it’s about how many clicks, impressions and interactions with their brand.

Getting the right mix of advertising is crucial to success. There is so much out there and even the most seasoned marketers are getting bamboozled by the choice of marketing and media. With squeezed marketing budgets it is even more imperative that businesses get it right.

How TV can work for small budgets

TV advertising is great for raising awareness and/or increasing sales and it can really help brands stand out from the competition.

Businesses are under even more pressure to get better ROI from their existing marketing activities. For smaller businesses, large TV ad budgets are non-existent.

The major Broadcaster VOD services in the UK are All 4, ITV Hub, Now TV, Sky Go, Sky On Demand, UKTV Play and Virgin TV Anywhere. Viewers can now get pretty much all the catch-up programming they could ever want, when they want it and on a device of their choosing.

Sky AdSmart levels the playing field, and makes TV advertising more accessible, regardless of budget.

Radio’s multiplier effect

Radio’s multiplier effect means that it can reinforce TV messaging and other advertising activities. It can increase brand awareness and market share and lots of companies in the North East are using it to strengthen and grow their brand.

Native advertising

Native advertising is one of the biggest trends in 2017 for B2B.  Native advertising is using content to build trust and engagement with new prospects through paid channels. This could be within Regional press or social media platforms, for example sponsored editorial content or boosted facebook ads.

Out of Home (OOH)

We spend on average three hours a day out of home and 70% of consumers own a SmartPhone. Therefore some Out of Home advertising has moved beyond a standard poster site. Through digital, advertisers can connect with their audience digitally and engage with them in Real Time, aligning their mobile and outdoor ad strategies to get even more ROI from their ad campaigns.

Digital advertising

Knowing what digital platforms to use for your brand is important. It goes back to the fundamentals and that’s your target audience. If you’re selling industrial tubing for manufacturing companies, you are going to struggle finding your target audience on Instagram. You might find them on LinkedIn or via Regional business platforms.

Whatever media you choose, be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket and make sure you experiment and refine with smaller campaign activities.

Article by Vicki Stone of Vicki Stone Marketing.

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