Let’s face it, our experience of the internet just wouldn’t be the same without Google - we’ve made it a verb for goodness’ sake!

But it’s not just on a personal level that the tech giant has come to dominate our understanding   of how to experience the online world; because there are various tools, tips, and behind the scenes opportunities to indulge ourselves in as business owners too - and they’re all free for us to use!

Here are some of the top tools you should be aware of so that you can help your business boom in the world of search engines (by which we mean Google, of course!):

Google My Business

With ‘local search’ fast becoming one of the best ways a business can be discovered in the local vicinity, having your business listed (for free) on Google’s own directory is a must for anyone serious about being found by their target audience.

Ideal for both ecommerce and service-based businesses, this free offering allows you to provide your online audience with more vital information about your business and the products or services you offer. As well as serving as the ideal portal between Google and your website - this is a must-have for all businesses! 

Google Analytics

Understanding how your online audience interacts with your website is key in determining how you can meet the needs of said audience, and optimise the experience that your visitors have on your website. All of which is vital in helping you achieve your business objectives.

Utilising Google’s free web analytics tool is the first step in helping you achieve precisely this. By using their free reports, you can learn where your audience is coming from, how they’re using your website, and why they might not be navigating your webpages in the way that you want them to.

Google Trends

Helping you monitor trending topics, keywords and phrases, and breakout opportunities to make the most of within your industry, Google Trends provides you with up to date search frequencies that demonstrate what your target audience are looking for, when, and where in the world they might be.

You can even pitch two search queries up against one another to help you understand which keywords or phrases are being utilised by your target audience when they search for something in Google. This information can, in turn, provide you with the knowledge you need to optimise your website and rank higher in search engines results pages.

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