Small Businesses need mobile apps now more than ever. The world has changed, and businesses must change along with it. Resisting the change will only help your competitors, and you don't want to help them, right?

Anyway, here are five ways that your mobile app can help your business get ahead in a world that gets more mobile-oriented by the day:

Mobile App Use No1: Promotion

There are multiple ways to use your business's app to promote yourself. One of the most effective tools, however, is the push notification function. Once a user has downloaded your app, you can send custom-tailored messages that will appear on the user's mobile device at a time of your choosing. You can use these messages to promote events, offer discounts, tell people about new products, or communicate whatever information you like.
If that sounds irritating, keep in mind that push notifications can be enabled or disabled by the user. People who want them will get them. Others will just shut them off.

Mobile App Use No2: Sales

Okay, you've done promotions. Now you're ready for some customer action. Great! Mobile apps can handle that, too. With mobile ordering and purchasing tabs, your app can be used to ring up sales 24/7, helping you create an additional revenue stream that's ultra-convenient for your customers and extremely cost-effective for you.
(They call that a win-win, don't they?)
Customers love being able to submit orders without having to visit your location or make a phone call. When you enable sales through your app, you make everyone's life easier, including your own.

Mobile App Use No3: Service

Apps are a great way to get feedback from customers and manage customer service requests. When a customer is upset, the last thing you want is to irritate them further by having them search for your contact info. With a mobile app, reaching out to your business will always be as simple as pulling out their phone and tapping their way to you in a few short clicks. It lets you solve service issues that much faster.

Mobile App Use No4: Engagement

Mobile apps can have social media features that let people post on your wall, or share links to your business with contacts. They can also upload relevant photos to your photo gallery, enter contests, and lots more. In short, apps let customers interact more with your business, which is a good thing. It enriches the bonds between you and your customers, and lets you take advantage of the always-on, connect from anywhere mobile world.

Mobile App Use No5: Loyalty

With loyalty schemes widely accepted as a sure fire way to increase custom within your business. You can now use your app to build and create loyalty, using the card stamp tab or QR codes for promotions. No more bills for printing and distributing loyalty stamp cards etc.

Mobile Apps are critical for small businesses. Yes, we're biased. But that doesn't mean we're wrong!

Article by Mel Delahave of Six Fields UK.

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