Businesses of all kinds increasingly rely on their websites to bring in new customers, sell their products and even manage their finances. But do companies really understand who owns their website?

Each week the award winning team from New Results Training are releasing short 2-3 minute videos with top tips aimed at helping you to increase sales. The aptly titled "Try This This Week" or 3TW videos come out every Monday and give you a challenge to try for that week.

Inbound Marketing, simply put, is Content Marketing, which in even simpler terms is blogging, social media, website content, calls to action and landing pages.

With Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and now Twitter Ads, there are a lot of Social Media Advertising options to choose from – all with as many enticing benefits as the previous. We firmly believe in quality content creating quality customers, but sometimes it's ideal to reach out to potential leads in other ways. Social media advertising works well for this, particularly in time for 2015.

Have you found yourself finishing up the important bit of writing out slides for a presentation you have coming up, or better yet, planning out your social media, and at the very last minute thought to yourself "Pictures!", "I'll whack in a few Pictures!". Where do you go? Google? A stock site? Or frantically raid your phone for "something that will do"?


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