Analytics can tell you a great deal about who's looking at your website, how they arrived there and what they do while they're looking - here's how to use that data to improve your website.

An ecommerce website is an excellent way to sell your products with the minimum of overheads. You can vastly widen your catchment area well in excess of that available to a store that only has a physical high-street presence. Many businesses develop an online store and think that it will instantly generate dozens of sales in no time at all. Whilst this can sometimes be the case, the fact of the matter is that without prior preparation and ongoing work it risks falling short of its targets.

Would you class yourself as being social media savvy? Don't be put off by the jargon, rules and time that it takes up. Instead, consider the advantages – customer engagement and increased brand awareness – you'd be really ditzy to miss out!

It was great news speaking to a client of ours recently to find out that their sales have increased twice over since last year. As part of their marketing strategy we persuaded them to be bold and do something that none of their competitors were doing, which has really made them stand out.

Internet search has come a long way in recent years. From the early days of 'black hat' Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) -a term that refers to less than ethical ways of skewing search results - to the modern-day link farms, Google knows all the tricks and penalises those who try to work around the system.


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