Treading new ground in digital marketing is a daunting prospect to most small and medium enterprises, but getting your brand into the digital realm is not as complex as it may seem. The challenge is, which platform and how best to interact with the target audience.

Before you even think about what your brand will look like, it's important to prepare properly. It's no good cutting corners here, you want a brand that works and will continue to work beyond next Tuesday, so give it some thought. There are many questions to ask which will help you to define your brand - here are just six of them.

At the time of writing, this will be the 8th article within the marketing category of NBSL Business Bullets focusing on or around the subject of content marketing - it is an area of great interest to many businesses at the moment.

Facebook. Some love it, some hate it. For us, it depends on the client. However, it's always beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of a social media network - especially when it's as big as Facebook.

As brand design and development specialists, we are focused on providing creative, beautiful and responsive solutions to your design and branding needs. Having said that, we also understand the underlying importance of what great content can do to a beautiful design...


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