You have your online marketing campaign well underway and everything is running smoothly. But how do you measure or monitor how it's being received?

There are some pretty long-standing, well attended business exhibitions in the North East, so how do you decide whether to exhibit, or just go along as a visitor? It tends to be a fairly modest investment to exhibit at most of the local exhibitions, but obviously the investment of £100ish in the stand plus expenditure on promotional kit (and in my case the home-made cupcakes!) does add up. It's often been said that the people who make the real money out of exhibitions are the banner stand producers and the leaflet printers!

Did you know that business cards date back to the 15th Century, where the Chinese used them as 'visiting cards' to announce visitors? Fast forward to today and with a move towards a digital age and online networking we've heard people say business cards are becoming obsolete, however we don't agree. If you go networking or meet a lot of people day to day, you'll know how hard it is to remember everybody's names/faces/business proposition, so a well designed business card takes your brand, takes your business proposition, takes your personality even and puts it on a little card that people take away with them, to remind them of you at a later date.

It's easy to get on Twitter and everyone thinks they have a valid reason to be on it – they're probably right, too. However, not everyone uses it in the best way – the correct way. Get your Twittiquette right, before you just look like a twit! We've compiled the most common mistakes that businesses make, and believe us, it's easy to do – we've all been there, but you have to hold your hand up, say you have made a mistake and rectify it for the future.

Business owners know that to sell more of their products and services at the optimum price they have to create clear value in their offering. Lots of people strive to do this in everything that they do because selling more at a higher price sounds good, doesn't it?
LinkedIn is often overlooked or underused as a business tool to build value. These simple tips will help you create additional value personally, through your company and in the products and services that you sell.


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