I'm sure I speak on behalf of your web designer in saying they want to provide you with a sector leading website, which delivers ever increasing results for as long as you need. If you've chosen the right designer and are lucky enough to have a reasonable budget, you may think success is guaranteed.

When you hear people chatting casually about being "followed" are you ready to alert the authorities about a possible stalker? Upon hearing the word "hashtag" do you immediately think it's a hip new dance move? If so, you may just need a wee bit of Twitter education.

Video is the fastest growing marketing tool online. Why? Video gets more people to your website, keeps them there longer, increases conversions and boosts search engine ranking. It is therefore no surprise that more businesses are harnessing the power of video. But where to start?

If getting someone interested in your business plan is half the battle in raising funds, the other half is the pitch. Having seen and been part of both successful and unsuccessful funding pitches I thought it would be good to share some of the key tips to keep in mind when preparing for the presentation of your business plan.

Utilising multi-channel communication strategies is vital to all brands in the current business arena. Whether your business is a fashion brand or a restaurant offering a prestigious dining experience, the way you choose to target your customers and the way you present yourself can be detrimental to your success. With public perception holding control, your priority lies in ensuring communications encourage strong personal relationships to flourish.


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If you provide business support services like marketing, business planning, human resources or financial planning find out how you could register with us to offer a grant of up to £3200 to your clients for work that you do for them.

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