Good branding is all about communicating values. The Nike "Swoosh" logo is often cited as one of the greatest bits of branding in the world, but this has significantly more to do with the fact that the business has poured billions of dollars into communication and endorsement strategies to attach values to the device than any artistic genius on the part of the logo itself. Thankfully, great branding can be accomplished for somewhat less than billions if you understand the process.

Whatever you do in business, wherever you do it, you no doubt have the need to meet other people at some point; prospective clients, contractors, suppliers, trainers, business support organisations and the like. So when was the last time you thought strategically about the network events you attend? And, more importantly, do they bring you the results you need? Let me share my networking strategies:

Giving the Mars Rover Curiosity the brains she needs to operate took 5 million lines of code. And while the Mars Science Laboratory team froze the code a year before the roaming laboratory landed on Aug. 5, they kept sending software updates to the spacecraft during its 253-day, 352 million-mile flight. The rover's mission is to gather and analyse the Martian landscape for signs of microscopic evidence that life may have once existed there.

As many of you will have spotted there’s been a big shift in how Google displays its AdWords results. Since February, Google has ceased showing ads on the right hand side of the page, except for some product listing ads. So what do you need to do?

In 2016 there are two things we can be absolutely certain of when it comes to online marketing. That is, attention spans are getting shorter and video is reining supreme.


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