Now we’re into 2015, it's time to think about how to make sure you're fully prepared for the rest of the year ahead. One of the areas where many businesses are failing is in maximising their energy efficiency, a simple task when you know what to look out for yet one that often gets overlooked.

UK businesses waste around 10-20% of the energy they buy each year (Confederation of British Energy) therefore it's important to get ahead of the curve and start taking notice of the very real threat of rising energy prices. From increasing your overall business competitiveness to reducing your carbon footprint, here are 5 top energy savings tips courtesy of LED Supply and Fit

1. Make the Switch to LED Lighting

Making the switch to LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to cut your energy bills. LED bulbs are a cost effective alternative to florescent bulbs and can save up to 90% on your lighting bills whilst also cutting down your carbon footprint. LED lights may be more expensive to buy initially, however they can provide substantial savings for your business in the long term. Standard florescent blubs may last up to 10,000 hours, their LED counterparts last for up to 60,00 hours, eliminating the need for regular (and often costly!) repairs.

2. Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensors are another efficient energy strategy, detecting when rooms are in use or not by the motions of individuals. This is ideal for cutting down the amount of wasted energy from lights being left on in communal areas such as kitchens, meeting rooms, storage areas and corridors. Most sensors can be installed quickly and easily on to a wall or ceiling and are ideal for larger offices that already have significant energy bills!

3. Involve Your Staff!

Encouraging staff to be more energy efficient is another way to help conserve energy. Many staff do not think twice about leaving computers on standby, leaving lights on or even wasting water whilst doing the tea round, therefore it's an employer's job to educate and encourage staff to do their part. Creating posters reminding employees of the benefits of being more energy efficient is a great start, British Gas offer free resources on their site that are ideal for busy office environments.

4. Program Your Heating

It can be tricky getting the right balance when dealing with office heating however switching to a programmable system is a great way to ensure that your employees are happy and your bills are reduced. Inefficient heating systems are one of the main causes of high energy bills therefore timing heating and air conditioning systems to come on when you actually need them will reduce wastage in this area. Simple tricks can also be deployed to quickly make a dent in your energy costs, ensure curtains are shut to stop heat escaping from windows and keep doors closed between heated and unheated areas.

5. Update Your Technology

Sometimes, it's the equipment in your office that's draining your resources, especially if they are not energy efficient. Workplaces with out of date computers, office equipment and even kitchen appliances such as boilers can face higher energy bills than those with modern equipment. Look out for EU energy labels when buying office equipment and look out for devices that are multi functional or automatically power down after use. Simple things such as switching from desktop to laptop computers can also make a difference and ensure that all devices are properly switched off during non business hours.

Article by Paul Makepeace of LED Supply and Fit Ltd.

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