We often read about the “environment” or see it mentioned in other media - it is usually referenced in terms of “global warming” or the more recent term “climate change”! The importance of protecting the natural environment in terms of habitats for wildlife is also often mentioned, but what does the environment mean at an economic level to small and medium sized businesses, particularly those employing say less than 50 employees, and why bother about it?

Now we’re into 2015, it's time to think about how to make sure you're fully prepared for the rest of the year ahead. One of the areas where many businesses are failing is in maximising their energy efficiency, a simple task when you know what to look out for yet one that often gets overlooked.

As the UK economy recovers from the turmoil of the global credit crisis, many manufacturing organisations which survived the recession are now looking to drive forward and switch their focus from survival to growth.

A recent survey by YouGov considered 525 SME's (all with employees). The statistics were concerning

  • 22% said they had 1 person or no people responsible for health and safety;
  • 23% said this was because of time;
  • 19% blamed cost;
  • 32% admitted one preventable accident within the last 12 months.

The administration of health and safety is time consuming, will cost money but should reduce the number of accidents at work and is a legal requirement.

When setting up in business, the temptation is often to work alone, taking on every role imaginable to get the business launched, the work rolling in and the job done. However, just because you're a sole trader, it doesn't mean that you should work alone. In fact, the opposite is true.


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