"The Cloud", arguably the IT term of 2013 and still trending in 2014. Cloud is one of the most misused terms in IT, primarily it is a term coined by marketers not technologists. In defence of the marketers, a technologists definition would be "geographically and resource independent multi-tenant scalable computing" – and that just isn't going to sell.

Are you thinking about becoming ISO certified? This article is provided to help you learn more about how being ISO certified can help your business.

When entering into a commercial lease landlords and tenants need to know what their obligations are in relation to repairing and maintaining the property both during and at the end of the lease. The vast majority of commercial leases require the tenant to return the property back to the landlord in good condition.

Success in business doesn't have to involve complicated new techniques - here are 13 simple mantras to help any business to grow and flourish.

Large businesses, often with dedicated IT staff, usually manage their own servers for email provision. At the opposite end of the scale many new-start businesses use the 'free' email address which comes from their ISP (Internet Service Provider). Unlike mobile phone numbers, these email addresses are not transferable. The price paid is that the business (or individual) becomes tied to their ISP. I do not use ISP email addresses even for my personal emails. I have seen these types of unprofessional email addresses printed on stationery and even on the side of vans!


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