Business Process Re-engineering' is a term that is often used, but a technique that is often under used by businesses. One of the key steps to undertaking this work, in a controlled manner, is to map out the processes of your business. This can take days to perform, which can put a lot of people off. It can also be done in minutes and how to do this quickly but effectively is the focus of this article.

In the first part of this article I discussed email systems, rapid process improvement and the need for routines. This concluding part looks at the remaining four problems I see on a regular basis that adversely affect productivity in the office.

Over the last ten years I have seen a number of recurring themes that affect how much work gets done during the working day. This short article looks at the three of the seven common problems I witness on a regular basis. The other four common problems are covered in a separate article (Part II). Each section includes several steps that you can try and test so that you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Why is ERRA (the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013) relevant to Health and Safety? Most of it isn't, to be honest, but Section 69 amends Section 47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This is a significant amendment.

Continuous Improvement techniques can revolutionise a business - here are five questions to ask yourself before you start.


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