Bringing in new people to your business can be incredibly time consuming - a few simple (and inexpensive) tools and techniques can make the recruiting process far more efficient.

More and more, companies are looking to establish a coaching culture within their organisation. In times of increasing scepticism surrounding traditional performance appraisals, with market-leading companies like Accenture, Adobe and Deloitte having already abandoned them, there is a drive to move towards continuous methods of evaluation and performance tuning, with feedback and support provided on a day-to-day level.

Many organisations will invest heavily in producing a remarkable strategy utilising market intelligence, competitor data, various strategic tools and consultants to attain new growth.

...Fairness and Consistency, of course - ensuring that all the way through any recruitment process, your selection decisions are based on merit alone because as a recruiter you are responsible for applying fair & consistent decisions to all applicants from start to end.

Now we know that there are many mixed opinions on HR – is it beneficial or is it just a waste of time and money. In this article we explore the relevant issues.


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