Now we know that there are many mixed opinions on HR – is it beneficial or is it just a waste of time and money. In this article we explore the relevant issues.

Human Resources Staff have many daily tasks and responsibilities within an organisation as they protect not only the interests of the employer but those of the employees as well.

For employers, they manage employee relations and identify ways to manage labour costs. For employees, they protect their rights, ensuring that employers operate within employment and labour laws.

An informed and engaged workforce is vital when trying to make a company successful and this is where positive HR is needed. I have introduced below the top 6 benefits that HR can bring to your business.

1. Conflict Resolution

We all know that day to day working with the same people, doing the same thing can make people irritable. HR Staff help to calm down situations and control disputes within an organisation, whether between employees or between management and employees.
They work with the company’s policies and procedures and try to create and define which behaviour is appropriate in the workplace. They also attempt to resolve matters such as insubordination, poor attitude, inappropriate language and other disrespectful workplace behaviours that could possibly lead to conflict and disciplinary action.

2. Training and Development

When you hire someone you know that even though they may have some experience of their new role but they may still need to be trained in other areas in your company.
HR Staff organise training programs and determine the appropriate delivery method to introduce the training based on workers' needs. They help employees to access training to improve their skills or take advantage of opportunities to gain additional experience. They should also help workers develop a career track to pursue future opportunities.

3. Employee Relations

Not everyone is happy in a workplace environment and some actions may happen between two employees or an employer and an employee. HR Staff provide support for employees who feel their rights have been violated.
Employees who feel they have experienced or are experiencing discrimination or harassment may contact their HR team so they can sit down and try to resolve or treat the situation. When necessary HR Staff interpret anti-discrimination and harassment laws and assist employees with legal matters.

4. Information Resource

We all know that sometimes an employer won’t be around or won’t have the knowledge regarding a certain problem or situation - HR Staff can provide information to employees that employers or office managers cannot.
HR Staff provide information regarding employee benefits, leave of absence, employee assistance programs and worker's compensation benefits. If an employee needs personal assistance HR Staff can be approached to provide confidential guidance.

5. Performance Management

We all have some days where we are tired and drained and really can’t be bothered with work - HR has a significant role in keeping people feeling motivated for their work.
Ensuring everyone’s role is clearly defined is important as is providing effective ways in which constructive criticism and feedback can be given to the employees to help improve their performance. This then helps with the goals of the company as when the staff are happy and performing well it reflects well on the company’s productivity.

6. Building Culture and Values

Sometimes at work an atmosphere can be a bit dull or tense and this reflects back on employee performance levels. An individual is dependent on the work atmosphere or culture that prevails in an organisation – a positive environment helps them to enjoy work and therefore be more productive.
Creating a good conducive working environment is expected from the HR department. A safe and clean work culture helps in bringing the best of an employee and creates higher job satisfaction.

Putting It All Together

Of course, these are just six ways in which positive HR can benefit your business, helping you to achieve your corporate goals.
In reality, there are hundreds of benefits of positive HR to any business.

Article by Adam Brown of HR2Day.

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