Employing people is essential to many businesses and often your ‘Human Resources’ are what set you apart from your competitors. Therefore in order to grow your business it is essential you recruit and retain the best staff you possibly can, however with this comes the risk of tribunal claims being made again you.

Are Smoking Cessation, Alcohol Advice, Food and Nutrition sessions, coupled with Fruity Friday, and a restroom in the building, and so on….., enough to address well-being in the workplace? All good initiatives to aid healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. It’s excellent that the organisation is educating the staff too. But what about your management, leadership and organisation culture?

These are signs that you've veered off course in your business or life. You can decide to take the suggested action, to get support or to do nothing but, in the words of Albert Einstein "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got!"

In business, more and more of what we do is online - from taking orders to updating accounts - but how secure are the systems you're using every day and what can you do to make them better?

The problem of managers and supervisors failing to make a decision, or constantly referring options upwards when they clearly have the authority to make the decision themselves is not new, and it is certainly not uncommon. Managers and Supervisors who won't make decisions are a prime cause of paralysis within a company, business or organisation. This paralysis leads to wasted time, effort, energy and money. The company's business is stalled and as a result progress is curtailed. But what is the cause of this inability to make a decision or need to run a decision past their boss?


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