In celebration of all things baking and cooking we thought we would share our wisdom about the perfect recipe for being a great sales person. Oh and not forgetting that we love cakes too!

As the speed of communication increases and the technology to enable that becomes more accessible to everyone; organisations have much more choice and freedom in locating and engaging the best workers. For managers that presents a series of new challenges.

What's your reason for being online? You can only build your skills if you have a real reason to do it. At school, our reason for building skills was to pass those exams that led to our futures. In the world of work, it's earning power that gives us an incentive. But the online space is a bit different.

The work-life balance is one of the hardest things to get right, especially when you're trying to start, grow or develop a business.  Here are ten things that you can look at to make a start.

We all at some point need to get people to do things for us, and some people find it hard to achieve the end result. Here are 5 simple steps to getting people to do things, without looking like Attila the Hun.


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