In business, we all, at some stage, have to uncover our customers' needs or requirements by engaging them in a "fact-find" or conversation to highlight their "wish-list". And I'm sure that we have all been advised to ask "Open" questions designed to provoke more thought and provide more detail when answering that question.

The 'Five Questions' is a problem solving technique which may be applied to almost any business situation where an answer is required that will indicate a productive way forward. The beauty of the Five Questions lies in its simplicity. There really is nothing to learn. It may be applied to yourself, colleagues or a group.

I'm a big fan of the 'f word' in business...and I always get a little concerned when my clients have an aversion to it. After all, it's just another word in our rich English language, isn't it? Use it often enough and it becomes a habit, you're no longer embarrassed about saying it and find that your business conversations become more liberally peppered with it.

Carefully planning your training and development strategy can make a real difference to how successful the project will be.  Here are three key steps to take.


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