So by now, if you have read my ‘To react or to respond’ article, you should have carried out your full job analysis and now have a clear focus as to what your needs are for the vacancy at hand. With this in mind, you will be able to move on to writing your Job Description (JD) & Person Specification (PS) documents…….please don’t yawn, these are the key to your long term recruitment success!

I'm sure we will all agree that customer service can be the linchpin to success or failure for any business. So, just a quick thought, is your customer service department performing to their true potential to retain key clients and maintain income, the lifeblood of your organisation? This article will help you understand what employee engagement looks like within your customer service department and how it can be improved to help increase team performance and company profit!

In any recruitment situation, the answer should always be ‘to respond’. Recruitment mistakes are largely made when we ‘react’, which usually means we panic and pounce on the recruitment process in haste. My advice would always be to ‘respond’, which means we should plan and prepare the recruitment process to ensure we are proactive in our path to making a successful recruitment choice.

Employing people is essential to many businesses and often your ‘Human Resources’ are what set you apart from your competitors. Therefore in order to grow your business it is essential you recruit and retain the best staff you possibly can, however with this comes the risk of tribunal claims being made again you.

Are Smoking Cessation, Alcohol Advice, Food and Nutrition sessions, coupled with Fruity Friday, and a restroom in the building, and so on….., enough to address well-being in the workplace? All good initiatives to aid healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. It’s excellent that the organisation is educating the staff too. But what about your management, leadership and organisation culture?


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