NBSL Customers are defined as organisations with whom we contract to deliver services on their behalf.

NBSL Clients are defined as users of our services, whether individuals or businesses

NBSL – the natural choice for enterprise and business skills development in Northumberland and across the North East Region.

NBSL wants to develop long term effective working relationships with all of its customers and to help us to do that we will:

  • Ensure all of our staff present a professional image in their standard of dress and conduct when they are engaged in NBSL business.
  • Treat all customers with courtesy and respect
  • Provide impartial advice from fully trained and appropriately qualified staff
  • Safeguard any personal or confidential information shared in line with the requirements of the data protection 1998 and 2003 Amendment
  • Manage all enquiries in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Take full responsibility for customers’ enquiries so that their experience of contact with NBSL is a positive one
  • Identify our customer needs accurately from the first point of contact
  • Assist customers to identify the most appropriate source of advice and support service to meet their needs. All actions agreed between ourselves and the customer is based on customer need and not the desire to push or sell specific services that are not required
  • Carry out our part of any contractual service with the customer through constant contact and project management facilities (unless external events prevent us from doing so, but in all instances we shall keep the customer informed)
  • Ensure that any information shared or offered is the most up to date, accurate, clear and easily accessible and that we adhere to NBSL’s data protection statement as registered with the Information Commissioner
  • Where appropriate follow up our customers who have been referred to a third party
  • Seek to add value to the customer relationship

What if things go wrong?

If things should go wrong in our customer relationship or service we hope that you will let us know so that we can have the opportunity to improve your service and ensure that other customers do not share your experience. All feedback will be in confidence and will not affect our service delivery or relationship with you.  Please contact us on 01670 813322 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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