FACT have launched a new award to recognise north east employers who go the extra mile in their support for employees who have been diagnosed with cancer or are caring for someone with cancer.

In the UK, more than 112,000 people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. There are currently more than 750,000 people of working age living with a cancer diagnosis and many will continue to work after, or even through, their treatment. It is also estimated that there are 700,000 employees caring for someone with cancer in the UK (Macmillan Cancer Support).

Cancer has an inevitable impact on the business, the employees and their families, friends and colleagues.

A supportive workplace can make a big difference to people affected by a cancer diagnosis either for them-selves or for those close to them. This can often be done by making reasonable adjustments to the work place or working patterns.

It is not just employees living with cancer who are affected. Employees who are carers might also need to change how and when they work.

It is important for those impacted by cancer to have stability and normality in their lives. Having, or supporting someone with cancer is very difficult and very disruptive, and work can help to maintain routine, social contact and income. Therefore, it is important that employers have an ethos within the workplace and robust systems in place to support those employees affected by cancer.

If your workplace has gone the extra mile to support someone dealing with cancer, download the FACT leaflet to find out how to nominate them.


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