Are you looking into 2019 with a lack of direction? Does your business feel a bit flat? Well, to give your County Durham business a lift, we've put three inspiring Masterclasses in the diary that might just give you the boost you need.

Spring is always a great time to have a serious look at your business and see what's going to make it tick over the next 12 months - well we talk to a lot of businesses around County Durham and you've been telling us what you think is holding you back. The surprise is that it's not Social Media that's the problem, it's the far more traditional sales, marketing and just 'winning more work' that's top of the list. So, to help you get where you want to be, get yourself booked onto one of these:

Build a rock solid Marketing Strategy to grow your business.

In this Masterclass, you'll find out about the 'market, message, medium' process to help you to do great marketing and win more customers.

You'll leave with a marketing strategy and one year marketing plan and, most importantly, you'll find out about return on investment and detail how to test, measure and monitor all of your marketing activity.

This Masterclass is ideal for any business that doesn't have a proper strategy (or any strategy at all!) for how to market its' products or services. You'll leave with a practical guide on how to market your business.

Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
Developing a Marketing Strategy 31st January, 7th & 14th February (12:00 - 16:30 each day) Tanfield Lea Perro

Win that next big contract with razor sharp bid writing and tendering.

If your County Durham based business relies on winning work through open tenders, spend 2 full days finding out the tools and techniques to avoid common pitfalls, produce clear and concise responses, and maximise tender scores.

In this Masterclass, the team from Executive Compass will share the knowledge, techniques and strategies that have allowed them to maintain a tender success rates in excess of 80% and secure over £3bn worth of contracts for their clients.

Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
Bid Writing and Tendering 5th & 12th March Durham Cricket Club Executive Compass

Make yourself a great salesperson and sell more!

You'll look at what makes “a great salesperson” and we'll help you to become this great salesperson. You can park all those preconceived ideas about pressure selling; this is about being an ethical, professional sales person. You know what we mean: being the type of sales person YOU would want to buy from.

You'll also find out how to start thinking like your customer, helping them to buy from you. What can you do to put your customer in a positive state of mind and why you really want to do that? We’ll share the psychology behind the “green line” and how it helps your customers to buy more from you, more often.

Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
Sales Strategy & Techniques 6th & 20th March Durham Cricket Club New Results

So, choose the Masterclass that'll give your County Durham business a boost in 2019 and click below to apply for your fully funded place on one of our Masterclass sessions.

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