If business in 2019 is feeling a little bit 'ok' but you were hoping for so much more, you need to get yourself on one of our fully funded, 2 day Masterclasses and get that spark back - take a look at our exclusive selection for County Durham based SME's.

We think we've picked three topics that are really going to give you a lift - give your brand a makeover, develop some winning marketing content or sharpen those sales techniques - whichever one works for you, don't miss out, get your application in now before it's too late...

Build a rock solid Brand and a winning Marketing Strategy to grow your business.

In this Masterclass, you'll find out about the 'market, message, medium' process to help you to do great marketing and win more customers.

You'll leave with a marketing strategy and one year marketing plan and, most importantly, you'll find out about return on investment and detail how to test, measure and monitor all of your marketing activity.

This Masterclass is ideal for any business that doesn't have a proper strategy (or any strategy at all!) for how to market its' products or services. You'll leave with a practical guide on how to market your business.

Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
Build Your Brand and Develop Your Marketing Strategy 25th April & 2nd May The Greenhouse - Annfield Plain Perro

Sharpen your Marketing content and get those new customers flooding in.

Creating Effective Content is our brand new, fully funded 2-day Masterclass that might just point you in the right direction - identify the type of written content that will help to draw in new customers to your business; learn the tips and tricks to avoid the dreaded writers block and how to structure effective content; look at the different types of content that will drive sales through your different marketing channels and understand how to analyse what's working and what isn't with web analytics.

Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
Developing Creative Content 7th & 14th May The Work Place - Newton Aycliffe UberElla

Want to get out there and sell - find out how...

7 Ways to Improve Your Sales is one of our new Masterclass topics - it's fully funded and over the two days you'll find out all of the essential skills you need to win new B2B customers.

The Masterclass is designed to provide you with simple sales techniques and strategies to understand the sales process to help you sell more - at the end of this two-day masterclass you will:

  • be able to develop and implement several simple sales techniques and strategies that will help you generate new leads.
  • be able to understand the best approach to prospects which will increase your chances of winning new customers.
  • be better able to articulate and demonstrate “Why You” over your competition.
  • have a greater awareness of and confidence in selling your products and service offerings that will help you create new opportunities.
  • have new skills and renewed confidence that will enable you to grow your business.
Masterclass title Date Location Deliverer
7 Ways to Improve your Sales 6th & 13th June The Greenhouse - Annfield Plain Arrow Sales

So, choose the Masterclass that'll give your County Durham business a boost in 2019 and click below to apply for your fully funded place on one of our Masterclass sessions.

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