During 21 years at NBSL, and throughout the organisation’s previous guises, Lynne Graham has helped thousands of firms reach and then exceed their potential. The funding expert has spent two decades traversing the ever-changing landscape of business support to help companies start, grow and succeed helping develop a menu of support services at the early stages of the business cycle.

Lynne, NBSL Finance and Contract Controller, has been on the frontline as changes of government to national policy has impacted on the way support for businesses is delivered and which organisations can deliver it.

“No matter what is happening nationally or on a European level, businesses need to be provided with the best opportunity to maximise their potential…that’s where NBSL comes in,” said Lynne.

Lynne oversees the delivery of the four cornerstones of the NBSL business: quality, speed, accuracy and delivery. A trusted provider of support, she has developed systems to help meet the requirements of funders, while remaining malleable for companies.

“Given our knowledge of the private sector, we have created services and systems to ignite growth, whether providing group support at the start-up stage or improving knowledge and confidence via masterclasses that spark of inspiration,” said Lynne.

“Many of our businesses successfully implement these ideas and we continue to support through our range of grant schemes, which help minimise risk.

“Recently we’ve been helping businesses identify skills needs for the future – enabling firms plan direction and strategic needs of their business.”

“We pride ourselves on simplifying funding applications for businesses keen on growth,” added Lynne. “Our top-class team walks firms through a rapid, transparent application process, from affirming eligibility to process completion.

One of the many funds Lynne has supported is the North East Business Support Fund – and as the clock ticks down on availability, Lynne is urging businesses to get in touch with the team to secure their business grant funding - find out more about the funding by clicking here.


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