The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to implement a work from home solution rapidly with meeting apps being a firm favourite to keep in touch with customers, clients and co-workers.

Many businesses have suffered during the pandemic, but others have thrived, with meeting apps being one of them. Zoom, in particular, has seen a huge rise in numbers this year.  Zoom has experienced a 535% rise in downloads since January, as well as a stock market share price increase of 101% in the same period.

Video conferencing programmes are a great way to stay connected during lockdown, both professionally and personally. From a business perspective, the benefits of using video conferencing include: reducing the carbon footprint of international business, increased productivity (less time wasted), globalisation (as teams collaborate across nations), and huge cost saving opportunities.

With the spotlight firmly turned on video conferencing and online collaboration during the COVID-19 lockdown, many people are using the tools for the first time, discovering how effective they can be in doing business remotely.

Once we are through the COVID-19 lockdown it will be interesting to see how many of these new habits remain in place; how many businesses allow remote working and invest in video conferencing tools, and how many grandchildren continue talk to their grandparents via video call.

NBSL and Digital Allies are working in partnership to produce a number of webinars for Northumberland and Tyne & Wear businesses as part of the North East Business Support Fund.  Grants are also available for businesses across the region and are now virtually-contactless to minimise the impact of COVID-19.

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